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I enjoy long walks in the mall, margaritas, and sky-high-heeled shoes. Preferably all three together. So if you see someone at the mall in 5" heels looking like they had a liquid lunch, possibly with a martini glass in hand...say hi! It might just be me ;)

In LIKE with Skinny Bitch in Love

I read this book for NetGalley, and this review is also posted on goodreads.

I am not the biggest fan of chick-lit, I will admit. I am a fan of good, entertaining writing, however. This was definitely entertaining. I was disappointed in a few things, though. The first thing is a pet peeve of mine that perhaps doesn’t bother a majority of people. I really get annoyed when an author repeats phrases so often that I can recall reading them throughout the book; and especially when the phrase is an awkward one. One example was “…up and down. Down and up.” in reference to someone checking out one of the characters. And if she would’ve said “tweens” one more time I would’ve had to stop reading! Another issue I had was Sara. Anytime a character is overweight, the only time she starts to find happiness is by losing weight. Yes, I realize that she had a setback even after losing some, but over all, her dream didn’t come true until she met her goal weight. It also bothered me that she copped an attitude with Clementine when she gave her some advice. I know that Sara is snarky and self-sufficient and all that. The reason her reaction bothered me is because the entire time, she is telling other people (who are practically strangers) about Clementine’s love life, despite Clementine’s protests. Friends- especially best friends- don’t do this. My final problem with the storyline is that I don’t enjoy when everything turns out perfectly and all of these miraculous, wonderful opportunities appear. I love a happy ending as much as the next girl; but how many times can you read about a zillionaire falling into the heroine’s lap? Oh, and of course, she wants to do everything the hard way, and doesn’t want a DIME from him….even though they are in love.

As I stated above, I truly did find this book entertaining. I just had a few issues that forced me to give it three stars, and I will probably never read it again. Now, if it had included some recipes of the delish sounding meals Clem made, THEN I would keep it on my Kindle for future perusal!

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First Things First

I am finally venturing into the Blogosphere!

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